lions youth exchange

the lions youth exchange is an exchange program organized by the lions clubs all over the world. it is a vacation type of exchange for young people between 17 and 21 years of age. it usually works this way: the lions clubs of a country invite young people to do an exchange, a 4 week vacation in a foreign country. the young people don't have to pay for their stay or for any activity taking place in that country they go to. depending on the clubs who send them, they sometimes even get the flight for free and i have heared about countries where the young participants even get some pocket money to buy souvenirs during their stay. during those about 4 weeks (there are shorter and longer exchanges, but four weeks is the most comon) the participants usually stay two weeks at a host family to get an insight in how people in that country live and to get to konw their way of life and their culture. the two other weeks are then spent in a so called youth exchange camp. it's a camp where all the participants from all different countries who went to that same country take part. ususally there are about 30 to 40 participants in such a camp, mostly from different countries. mostly there aren't more than two people of the same country in the same place or camp. this way each participant gets to know many people from many different countries in the world. friendships arise which will last for probably the rest of their lifes. the lions youth exchange is a great opportunity for young people to get abroad and to form relations with people all over the world. besides all that, it's great fun too! if you qualify for a youth exchange like this, weather it's the exact lions youth exchange or any other such exchange, apply and take your chance! i can only recommend it.

as for the lions yourth exchange, there are different ways to get to participate in an exchange. in switzerland usually childern of lions members or of friend from lions members are invited to participate. in other countries and regions, there are contests at universities or things like that where interested students can participate and win the participation at a camp. partitipants can usually choose or prioretize the country and camp they want to go to.

how i am involved

in 1998 i was one of the lucky ones to be invited by a lions club member who is a friend of my father. i chose to go to the usa, more precisely to virigina. i had probably the bes host family you could whish for. they met about all the requirements to be the