LEO club Rapperswil

this is my most recent membership in a club. on june 21 in 2006 i oficially became a member of the leo club rapperswil. leo clubs are part of the lions organisation. we are a service organisation of young people. our moto is "we serve". we basically have the same codex and goals as the lions club. the leos are the young lions.

what the leos do

we have several social activities where we either raise money for an organisation or a social project and we also have activites where we help at an acitivity of an organisation.

besides serving others and helping in all those projects, the leo club is alot about friendships in between of the members of the leo clubs through out the world. we have meetings with clubs of other regions in switzerland and there is the leo europe forum which is a quite large annual forum where leos from all over europe meet and greet.

of course, being an organisation consisting of young people we take care that there are enough parties and events to have a good time together.

you can find alot more information about the leo clubs and especially the leo club of rapperswil on our clubs webpage

how i got there

maybe you wonder now how i got into it. well, that's pretty simple: in 1998 i participated in an exchange program organized by the lions club. you can read more about the lions youth exchange on this page. anyway, i participated in that exchange and i made friends with people from all over the world. some of these friendships will probably last for the rest of my life. i wanted to give back something to the organisation that gave me so much so i volunteered to help in a swiss youth exchange camp however i could. during the swiss youth exchange i was invited to look into the leo clubs in my region and to possibly become a member. i went to some of their meetings as a guest and then decided that i wanted to join the leo club rapperswil of which the members and the atmosphere prettymuch suits my usual environment and made me feel comfortable. i have already some new friends of the leo clubs and after the leo europe forum of this year, even from outside the country. participating at the lef is like participating at another lions youth exchange... a thing you just don't want to miss ;)