YCK - Yacht Club Kreuzlingen

this was probably the first club i was a member of. with my parents both sailing on the lake of constance and having a boat in kreuzlingen, i naturally grew into it. both my parents are active members of the yacht club kreuzlingen and so am i. my father started long time ago as a junior member of the club where he learned to sail and got into that hobby. he made many friends within the sailing community. today many of the members of this club are close family friends to us.

i myself was sort of born into the club. my parents naturally where members when i was born and i went sailing with them and i too was caught by that hobby. i became a junior member and stood it for quite some time. in 2005 i converted to a "active member" which means i'm no junior anymore .... yep, i'm getting older too ;)

things i do there

besides the obvious - sailing - i participate in the clubs activiets in several ways. being a member of the yck involves also helping at the events the club does. these are of course mostly regattas. i enjoy alot to be out on the lake and help on the water to lay out the boje field or on a safety boat to accompany the young participants of our junior regattas.


being a bit of a techy person i also got involved with things around the club which need a technical solution. i've installed a sound system for speeches and parties at our club's veranda, i dee jayed at some of the clubs parties and i realised our current homepage a while ago.