in mid-90ies i discovered the internet. i started palying around with html and soon after that i implemented a webpage for the company my dad was working for. the first people visited that page and wanted one too, so i got my first customers asking for webpages.
at the same time, a friend of mine, philipp, did just about the same. he designed a webpage for his father's company too and he also got people asking him to design a page for their comapnies too. so we decided to found a company and to start building webpages. w3design was the result of our efforts.

since 1998 w3design provides professional webdesign and web application development to their customers. since then, we have changed our main business field from designing simple html webpages to developing more complex web-based applications like database based intranets, dynamic webpages, content management systems, online shops and so forth.

in spring 2007 both me and philipp finished our studies at the university of zurich and we both started working full time for another company. since then we just take care of our existing customers and somtimes selectively realize new webpages upon request. we aren't actively acquiring new customers anymore. webdesign was a good occupation to accompany our education but it is now time for new students to take over the gap we leave behind ;)


Dalco AG

in spring 2005 i started an internship at a swiss comapny called Dalco. Dalco designs, builds and supports Supercomputers, or to be more precise, high performance clusters. i had the great chance to work there for an internship where i started to develop a ERP and CRM application for them. during my internship i also started to explore the world of Voice over IP. i played around with asterisk and got more  and more into it.

after my internship had finished i got a part time employment at Dalco where i kept developing software for them and their customers. VoIP has become an important part of my work at dalco: i have replaced all our pbx'es with linux based telephony servers and i have already done some custom installations for companys in switzerland.

since spring 2007 (the end of my studies) i now work full time at dalco. my work there got more diverse since then. i still develop software but i am also getting more and more involved into our projects and i get handed over parts of the organization. futher more i also do on-site customer support. this all adds up to a very versatile job and it keeps my daily work interesting and changing. i appreciate the constant change and extension of my work which keeps it interesting from day to day.