my hobbies

the obvious...

having studied computerscience i am of course a bit addicted to all kinds of electronics and computers. i play a lot with computers to try out new things and gather ideas to be realized and so on. i enjoy the big potential of computers and all those endless possible usages...

other things...

BUT... i don't spend my whole live behind the computer ... i do have real friends which physically exist and with which i can enjoy good times going out at nights and spending great vacations all over the place. i love to travel .. but i must say, i'm not so much of a hitch hiker... i prefer staying at hotels and travelling in a car rather than walking around with a backpack, which doens't mean i've never done that ;)

besides the neighboring countries of switzerland, america is probably my most visited destination. i once participated in a youth exchange, organized by the lions club. i was lucky enough to be invited to participate and i enjoyed it a lot. during this exchange i've met many people and many good friendships where raised. some years later, in 2001, i've spent half a year overseas with my host family i met during the youth exchange in 1998.


i must confess, i'm not really a sports person. allthough there are some things i like to do. first of all i am a passionate snowboarder. ever since my childhood i spent several weeks each winter on slopes and since 1994 i don't need two  skis anymore, one board is enough. ;) (sometimes less is more :))
i love to carve down the slopes of our beautiful mountains. but not only in switzerland, austria and italy too have some nice ski areas.

during the summer snowboarding isn't really an option so i have time to go sailing on the lake of constance from time to time where my parents have two boats (a 30ft yacht and a small sailing boat).


another hobby of mine are cars. lately i haven't had too much time for that anymore, but i love to work on cars. during my stay in the states i worked as a car mechanic at an oldtimer restoration company, which i enjoyed a lot.