Welcome to pascal suter's webpage

Hi there

on this page, you will find some information about me and what i do. i am trying hard to keep this page more or less up to date.


the original purpose of this page was rather to be a typo3 sandbox for me to try out things but i think that in the mean time i have gathered enough information for you to get an idea of whom i am ( for whatever reason you might be interested in that ;) )


for those interested in the origin of the main design elements of this page: the book was bought from istockphoto.com a huge photo repository...
and now comes the interesting part... the background ;) the woody background was bought at ikea and is standing in my bedroom. i scanned it using a canon lide scanner and then converted it to be used as a background... so you see some original furniture here ;)

my sister is online too

I gave my sister her own webpage for christmas. she is a professional photographer. Her name is Conny Suter and you can find her page at www.connysuter.ch